Purchasing DbDefence


DbDefence can be purchased online using a variety of different payment methods such as; Credit Cards, Purchase Orders, or payments processed by our e-commerce partner BlueSnap Inc,U.S.A.

What you get after the order

After processing the online payment (which usually takes a minute), you will receive an activation key, which is used to instantly turn the free version into a fully registered and unlocked version.
Please contact us for volume discounts.

Single licenses

A single license can be activated on a single server. It is possible to activate several instances on one server with one activation key. You may re-activate on a computer with the same computer name and reset the license from the previous server.

Support and software updates.

After your initial order, all software updates for the next 12 months are free. The following 12 months of software updates cost 15% of license price. You may order 12-, 24- or 36-month periods here. Discounts are available if you buy more than 12 months before your current period expires.

Popular question 1: I bought the software 5 years ago for $998 and never purchased support/software updates. What is the upgrade price to the current version?

Answer: Your first year of updates was free. For the following 4 years, we charge 20% of the license price per year (instead of 15% if ordered in time). So, we can provide a 20% discount on the current version. Upgrade price - $798.

Popular question 2: I bought the software 1 year and 6 months ago for $998. What is the price to upgrade to the current version?

Answer: Your first year of updates was free. You can buy a year of support for 20% of the license price (instead of 15% if ordered in time). So, the discount on the current version is 80%. Upgrade price - $198.