In order for you to use the full version of DbDefence, software activation is required. In order to activate the software, you must put your purchased activation code in the software once it has been successfully installed. The entire activation process is quick and easy to complete.

If you obtain a redistribution license, you will be able to avoid the interactive software activation process.

Each software license is bound to the computer name of the system on which it was initially installed. You can change any hardware within the given system, but in order to continue using the software, you must use the same computer name or buy a new license.

Internet Activation

Internet Activation can run from ANY WORKSTATION that can connect to the Internet as well as to the target SQL server at the same time.
In order to select Internet Activation as the method of activation, you must first log in to SQL Server. The activation program requires this step in order to calculate the unique Server ID and to set the registration information.

Assuming you have a connection to both the SQL server and the Internet, you will simply start DbDefence Configurator and navigate to Activation item.

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You will then need to enter your activation key and press Activate You typically receive your key from ActiveCrypt Software by email after you make your license purchase.

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What is transmitted

At the time of interactive activation, the DbDefence Activation Tool transmits a unique 8-char Server ID, activation key, and SQL Server version to the licensing server. The licensing server is located in the USA. Transmission is carried out just once over an encrypted SSL channel. For real security, DbDefence doesn't verify the license online during transmission. In fact, the encryption core (dbdefence.dll) that runs on the SQL Server never connects anywhere.

Customers can apply the license manually without running Activation Tool. All you need is an internet connection from any kind of device, a license key, and an 8-char Server ID. The licensing server logs the time and the visible IP address.

If you have a redistribution license, you get a special SQL statement (or a license file) that allows you to apply the license immediately without an internet connection.

Manual Activation

If you have no Internet access on your workstation, you can manually activate the software by using the following steps: How to activate the software manually.