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Single License.

Perpetual license, One time payment, 12 months of updates, Single Server, Many Databases, many users, Requires interactive activation.
1 server, up to 2,000 MB per database $698 Buy or Get Quote
1 server, up to 100,000 MB per database $2,498 Buy or Get Quote
1 server, unlimited databases $4,998 Buy or Get Quote

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Frequently Asked Questions about the order.

Q: I have one big server with 2 virtual machines. Each virtual machine has its own SQL Server installed. How many licenses do I need?

2 single licenses.

Q: I have a large server with 32 CPUs and 128 databases. There are hundreds of users connected. How many licenses do I need?

1 single license.

Q: I have a failover-cluster with 2 nodes: Active-Passive. How many licenses do I need?

2 single licenses.

Q: I have production, test and development server. How many licenses do I need?

If your development/test cycle is short we can provide several 90-day keys. If you need it for longer period then 3 single licenses.

Q: Can I buy a single license now and upgrade to another license later?

Yes, you can upgrade within one year by simply paying the price difference.

Q: If we purchase the software, how long will it be supported ?

Once you order, you will receive 12 months free access to all future upgraded versions of the product. If you decide to continue with updates, following 12 months of all software updates/upgrades is 15% from the license price.

Q: How is DbDefence licensed ?

License is applied on a per server basis. One license will apply to one server, which may have as many databases and as many users as necessary to run that server. The size of the database is calculated as the sum total of all the data files, excluding the log.