exec master..dbd_encrypt_db [unnamed parameters]

Available since version 9. This function encrypts or decrypts the database.

DbDefence 9 allows database encryption from SQL query interface. The Encryptor GUI tool isn't available on Linux.

Simple example:

The procedure takes a set of parameters. Those parameters are similar to the parameters used by command line tool. Complete set of parameters is listed here or you can just run the procedure without parameters to see available parameters.

Parameter -S is not required, and ignored. Encryption task always assumes local server.

The function initiates an encryption process and returns success. However, the encryption still may fail later; you need to check its status. The status is checked by executing dbd_encrypt_db_info

New feature: if you are disconnected, the encryption task won't be terminated, it runs on the server.

During the encryption the database is taken offline, so, don't lock it by executing the encryption statement in the database's context. Otherwise you would need to add parameter -F - kill existing connections. The database goes online after successful encryption automatically.

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