Editing Database with SQL Management Studio

If you wish to work with the database using SQL Server Management Studio, there are three options:

Client Application

You need to start Configurator and add SSMS.EXE (SQL Management Studio executable) to Client Applications. Specify database and passwords or mark check box Show Dialog if you do not want to save passwords, start SSMS as usually.

A detailed tutorial on accessing SSMS through a Client Applications can be found here

Using SQL statements

To edit your database using SQL statements, open the Query window, switch to the protected database, and enter the unlocking command:


After that, the query window will have access to the database. However, the rest of application will not. It happens because SQL SMS uses several connections to retrieve and update database information. You need to give access to whole process in order for SMS to work properly:

exec dbd_unlock_for_host

Now try to browse the database. Access should now be granted.