exec master..dbd_status

This function checks the current status of DbDefence. It will check to see whether it is loaded or not and whether there were any error codes on its previous startup attempt.

There are 4 main columns that will be displayed from this function:

Started -displays whether DbDefence is running or not.

Error -the error code of last start up. If you see that the error code is not equal to 0, please report this issue to support@activecrypt.com. When doing so, please attach the output of the dbd_reg_info function.

Autostart -displays if DbDefence is configured to start up automatically: This function requires the proper configuration of the registry key dbd_autostart. You can read more about how to configure the autostart function in the Configuration section

FIPS Mode -displays if FIPS Mode is On or Off. Non-validated modules are set to the Off status by default. Validated modules are set to the On position by default if they are running. Please note that validated modules will not work if the FIPS's integrity check is not passed.

Hardware AES - almost all CPUs support instructions that speed up encryption. By default this mode is ON if your CPU supports it. You can turn it off and on with the dbd_hardware_aes command.