exec dbd_backup_option @backupmode int, @save int

The function can setup backup encryption mode. Possible values for @backupmode 0 and -1. Set value to 0 if you want unencrypted backup, set to -1 if you want encrypted backup.

If @save is set to 1, specified backup mode is set permanently; if @save is omitted or equal to 0, backup mode is valid only for the current session.

You need to run it in the context of a protected database. If access is locked, you need to unlock the database first.

To make an unencrypted backup out of an encrypted database, execute:

exec dbd_backup_option @backupmode=0
backup database yourdatabase TO DISK = 'yourdatabase.bak'

Calling dbd_backup_option changes backup mode only in the current session. You can save that mode permanently:

exec dbd_backup_option @backupmode=0, @save=1

To revert to encrypted backup mode:

exec dbd_backup_option @backupmode=-1, @save=1