exec dbd_backup_option @backupmode int, @save int

The function can setup backup encryption mode. Possible values for @backupmode 0 and -1. Set value to 0 if you want unencrypted backup, set to -1 if you want encrypted backup.

If @save set to 1, specified backup mode set permanently; if @save omitted or equal to 0, backup mode is valid only for current session.

You need to run it in the context of protected database. If access is locked, you need to unlock database first.

To make unencrypted backup out of encrypted database execute:

exec dbd_backup_option @backupmode=0
backup database yourdatabase TO DISK = 'yourdatabase.bak'

Calling dbd_backup_option changes backup mode only in the current session. You can save that mode permanently:

exec dbd_backup_option @backupmode=0, @save=1

To revert to encrypted backup mode:

exec dbd_backup_option @backupmode=-1, @save=1