Popular Questions

How can I encrypt database files silently?

You can use an Encryption API (dbencrypt.dll) or the command line tool. However, you must include an empty encrypted database in your installer and attach your application to it during the installation process. Contact our support or refer to the reference manual if you have further questions regarding this procedure.

Can I install DbDefence silently?

Yes, you can. To install application silently you need to follow instructions found here.

Can DbDefence be used to encrypt SQL code?

Yes. DbDefence encrypts your database entirely, including all data and stored procedures. If you would like to only encrypt the SQL code, consider usin SQL Shield

If someone copied my database to an unauthorized server, will it work there?

No, It is not possible to attach the database without DbDefence and the database key file.


Does an SQL Server run slower with DbDefence?

Any time data is encrypted; it will take a little longer to decipher that data by your network. However, you should not experience any significant reduction in the loading time of your data. Our software is currently the fastest encryption software on the market and we are constantly working on ways to improve it. The real question is, can you really afford to not have your data encrypted?