Popular Questions

Is DbDefence "HIPAA compliance software"?

Yes it is. DbDefence implements reliable transparent encryption and prevent access by persons or software programs that have not been granted access rights.

How can I activate DbDefence silently?

If you have a redistribution license then your license file (dbdefence.key) is valid for every server without activation. No interactive activation will be required.

If you have a single license then you will need to activate with us interactively.


Will we face a problem with upgrade SQL Server 2005 database to SQL 2008 or 2012?

If you properly follow the steps in order to upgrade your system, you will not experience any difficulties when upgrading from any previous versions of SQL servers. Upgrading procedures are included in our support. We support the latest release of SQL Server 2014.

If we purchase DbDefence, will we have support ? And for how long ?

Yes, we provide free lifetime support on our DbDefence products as long as you have an account with us.

However, it is important to note that you may encounter technical difficulties with upgraded versions of SQL servers that become incompatible with earlier versions of DbDefence. If this does become an issue, you will most likely need to upgrade your copy of DbDefence in order to make it compatible with future SQL server upgrades. Doing this may cost money to you, but we do offer significant discounts to our regular customers on upgraded versions of DbDefence. If you would like additional information regarding our discounted upgrade policies, please review our question and answer section contained on the Order page or contact us directly.

What should we do to move a database to another server?

Assuming that DbDefence is installed on the new server, just copy the database and .dbd_key files to it.